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Learn about Lift!

How it began:

Mission statement:

Dream big:

Lift was inspired by the youth group Mike and Amanda Brown began in 2015 in Wray, CO. In August of 2022, Emmy is reviving this dream in Holyoke. She wants to make Lift a space for youth (7th-12th grade) to have a Jesus-focused, fun, safe, on fire for God church home for students. She has created a student led youth group that is focused on leading up and creating a home for youth of every spiritual path.

Lift exists to make a difference in the outcome in future generations. We will fortify the efforts of parents, families, peers, and churches in teens and young adults who have a saving faith in Jesus. We will help their spiritual growth so that together, we can reach the lost, the hurting, and the confused with the Gospel message.

A value of ours at FCC Student Ministries is to dream big. We believe God is a big God who does big things in big ways. In the Old Testament He delivered the entire nation of Israel from captivity, not once but twice! In the New Testament He caused a virgin to become pregnant. He also healed the incurable and freed apostles from top- security prisons. At FCC we don’t want to limit God by only asking for “small” things. Rather, a big God is in the business of doing big things through His people, so together we dream big and allow Him to do what He does best. This vision will probably always be in the editing phase as God continues to work and direct.

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